Walker & Thomas Electrical

Walker & Thomas Electrical Ltd are very strong in Industrial electrical work.

industrialpicTo enable anyone to work in this field you must first understand the machinery or industry you are working with. This is where WE SHINE!! We understand most if not all types of industries from the food industry to timber and all the equipment that goes with it, from compressed air, to hydraulics or refrigeration systems to name only a few, we have huge experience in them all.

We have often been the sole designer and installer of plants from small one person operations or machines to large factories employing hundreds of employees such as timber mills or meat plants. We understand what is required and will deliver.

It is one thing to install a new plant but it’s another to be able to fault find problems in an existing plant or machine which is our very best skill range. We are very good at not only fixing the fault but also working back through faults to find what has caused it so it won’t happen again. This takes a special type of tradesman with skill and a common sense approach to his work, this is what all of Walker & Thomas tradesmen have which makes them stand out and be respected by others.

PLC’s are now a very important part of all plants and we have grown up with these, learning as they have being developed. Our preferred brand is Rockwell as we find they have the best network capability and are very well known throughout the industry. We currently service and maintain many plants that rely on us for this service .

Speed drives are also very important to get right. The wrong settings can cause all sorts of problems which can upset production and cause downtime; our men have good experience in installing and setting these.

Some of our tradesmen help our clients with shift cover when they find themselves short of staff or for a period of time which they don’t wish to take on more staff. Our tradesmen quickly get to know both the plant and the employees and FIT straight in as part of THEIR team.


Tiger Automation is an associated company dealing with automation control at any level using Rockwell PLC's and SCADA packages.

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